Data driven solutions for wealth management

Virtual B is a fintech firm with cross skills in data science, investment strategy and innovation technology.
Financial Data Science

We apply data science and business intelligence techniques to solve real business problems.

Financial Technology

We built ready-to-go wealth management digital platforms for financial companies since 2011.

Financial Communication

Innovative tools and strategies for the new marketing paradigm: empower your customers.

Strategic advisory

Improve existing solutions and processes with a “hands-on” approach.

Financial Data Science: a short white paper

Our Projects

The first European roboadvisor

Launched in 2011 AO is an investment advice hub created to help savers of any level of wealth and financial expertise to make better financial decisions. AO is not just a look and feel front-end company; our platform stands on proprietary FinTech engines (profiling, engagement, risk analytics and Asset Allocation).

A digital mutual fund by ZenitOnline

PensaciOggi is an Italian mutual fund designed and managed by Zenit sgr through an entirely made digital proposition strategy, sold by Zenitonline. Virtual B is the fintech advisor of the whole project, we designed and co-manage the fund and the digital distribution platform.

The hybrid roboadvisor of CheBanca!

The first roboadvisor launched by a retail bank in Europe in 2016. CheBanca! has adopted the psychological section of our profiling questionnaire to foster engagement on users. The questionnaire is based upon our proprietary algorithm developed in partnership with a team of cognitive psychologists (University of Turin).

The italian online funds marketplace

Part of Banca Ifigest SpA business group, Fundstore runs Ifigest online retail operations. Acting as an italian mutual funds supermarket and distributing more than 5,000 different funds, it is currently the largest italian marketplace in this sector.We have created and managed on a daily basis (including periodic rebalancing) 4 different portfolios, any of which is divided in 4 sub-portfolios (according to risk profile and time horizon).